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Lawn Care

Tips for your new lawn:

  • The first 14-17 days keep all traffic off of your new lawn. Foot traffic and even larger breed dogs can leave foot prints and even pull apart the seems of your new lawn!
  • Water 3 x's a day for 20 minutes a day for the first 14-17 days, of course adjust watering if heat is elevated or reduce if prolonged rain occurs. Sod is very responsive, it will start to brown if there is too much moisture and even start growing mushrooms. If it is starting to dry out it will turn yellow. If caught soon enough the sod will be just fine. Our sod has been blended to be very resilient and user friendly.
  • Mowing: We at A-1 Trombley Sod Farms recommend for your first cut to first check to see if the sod has rooted. Gently tug at the sod, if it offers resistance you are ready to mow. If the sod lifts up then the roots have not took hold yet.
  • First cut it is a good idea to cut the sprinkler time down even off in some case to allow the yard to firm up. The first cut normally requires 3 separate cuts in one day. Each cut depending on the length of the grass only cut a third of the length at the time and bag each cut. The end result should have your sod at a length of 1.75-2.25 Inches. At this length you will really showcase the color of your Kentucky Bluegrass!
  • Fertilizing: It is important after the first two weeks to fertilize your new sod. We recommend 19-19-19. Your lawn should be fertilized 4-6 times a year or every 5-6 weeks. A good fertilizing regimen will help to ensure a healthy and long lasting lawn.
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