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A-1 Trombley Sod Farms LLC offers Sod installation & Grading.

 We have been growing and installing sod since 1969! 

 A-1 Trombley Sod Farms has over 600 acres of Kentucky Blue Grass. We grow only the highest quality Kentucky Bluegrass blend. We are also family owned and operated.


Frequently asked questions:

How do I measure sod? Length x width divided by 9 will give you the square yardage needed

How big is a roll of sod?  Our sod is 2' w  x 4.5' l or 9 sq ft.

How much of an area does one pallet cover? A 75 syd pallet will cover 675 sq ft.

Does your company remove sod? Absolutely, we specialize in lawn restoration. We remove existing lawns, install new soil and finish grade then deliver and install your new lawn.

Do you deliver? Yes we do! Please call 24 hours ahead to schedule deliver. Depending on the yardage it will be a hand delivery, larger quantities can be done with a forklift.

Do you provide estimates? Yes! our salesman will come to your home or site and give you a free estimate on the spot! He can leave it in your door or you can schedule a time to meet so he can answer any questions you have about your project!

In loving memory of Terry V. Trombley Sr.

Terry Started A-1 Trombley Sod Farms back in 1969  with a 18" sod cutter and a wagon. He loaded it up on the wagon and started selling it to the subdivision across the street. Today A-1 Trombley Sod Farms has over 600 acres of sod.

Celebrating 50 years


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